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TCS Management Services is a full service scattered site property management company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . We are a fully Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Company and Members of the National Association of Property Managers .


TCS Management Services focuses on management of homes, condos, and town homes throughout the country with corporate offices in Philadelphia and New York. We are a fully Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Company and Members of the National Association of Property Managers with a Professional Property Management designation.

If you own a residential investment home and are looking for professional management, we are ready to work for you. We provide clients with assistance in tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance, bill pay, bookkeeping and many other services. At TCS we know the kind of attention your property requires.


TCS Management has a keen focus on operational excellence. We set high internal targets and leverage our scale, competitive advantages, and people to provide unsurpassed professional management services. By enhancing and broadening our service offerings TCS differentiates itself from the competition by promoting strong team growth and intimate client relationships.

Our Successful management teams are extremely experienced in their fields. Aligning our key operating managers with our strong partnerships ensures our customers always receive best in class services.


Our particular talent is making life a little sweeter for our residents and more rewarding for our landlords. How do we do it?

It begins with a solid understanding of industry fundamentals, insight into capital markets, and full-service property management capabilities honed through decades of experience. But what puts us over the top is the determination to make sure everyone here at TCS management is well placed, appreciated and committed to delivering more… more for our tenants, more for our landlords and more for our colleagues.

Call it karma or just good business, but it’s our simple belief that real success is shared. This means sustaining a corporate culture and philosophy that attracts talented and caring associates who will always go the extra mile for their peers and clients. The reward for these efforts comes when residents, with plenty of options, choose a TCS Managed property as their home.

That’s our definition of shared success!
TCS Management Services


 TCS has a commitment to open communication as our corporate governance. You will know exactly what is happening at all times with your investment. Sharing of best practices is proactively incorporated into our management and review process to ensure that each business benefits from the experiences of others.


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