Dogs That Do Not Belong in Apartments….

February 18, 2016 TCS Mgt

Dogs That Do Not Belong in Apartments….

“Apartment dwellers who pine for a pooch to greet them with big, sloppy kisses and unconditional adoration at every homecoming need not despair—there are plenty of dog breeds that thrive in small spaces. Don’t listen to the naysayers who say that man’s best friend is happy only when lazing about untamed forests or running wildly through rural fields. But choose wisely, apartment dwellers!

If you’re looking for that perfect canine match, there are also some breeds you should avoid as if they were greedy landlords. Whether because of major exercise needs, a tendency for frantic barking, or an aversion to housebreaking, these dogs usually aren’t suited to life in a confined home with neighbors on all sides.

To avoid ending up with a miserable pooch (and a miserable you by association), think twice before welcoming any of these breeds into your apartment for keeps.”

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