Finding Home with TCS Management: Why Philadelphia Residents Prefer TCS Managed Properties

November 30, 2023 TCSMgmt

Finding Home with TCS Management: Why Philadelphia Residents Prefer TCS Managed Properties

Finding Home with TCS Management: Why Philadelphia Residents Prefer TCS Managed Properties - Article Banner

Tenants looking for their next rental home will prefer leasing a TCS-managed property. 

The reason? 

We’re a family-focused team of expert property managers who care about serving the owners and tenants we work with. Our willingness to respond immediately to the needs of our residents creates a pleasant and positive rental experience that delivers a comfortable, attractive property and a high quality of life. 

Well-qualified residents looking for a home have high expectations. We do, too. There are dozens of reasons that Philadelphia tenants prefer to rent from us. Here is a close look at a few of those reasons. 

Communication and Customer Experience

We’re responsive communicators, and that makes residents feel like they can trust us. We’re easy to reach, and that accessibility makes us more reliable problem solvers for the tenants who are renting homes from us. Our team is available by: 

  • Phone 
  • Email
  • Text
  • Messages via online tenant portal
  • In-person, by appointment

Providing multiple ways to communicate makes it easier for tenants to reach us. Our online portal also helps us to document all communication and correspondence. This leads to a better rental experience for our residents and when we can provide a positive experience that allows communication to flow freely back and forth, there’s a better chance we’ll retain residents and avoid turnover and vacancy expenses. 

Investing in a positive customer experience is good for our tenants and our owners. Everyone has worked with a difficult landlord at least once in their lives. Well-qualified tenants prefer to live in professionally managed properties because they know they’ll enjoy consistent services, experienced responses, and an understanding of local laws and tenant protections. 

Smart tenants know that working with a professional Philadelphia property management company is better than working with an independent landlord, and working with TCS Management is best. We are dedicated to caring about our residents as much as we care about the homes they’re living in.   

Well-Maintained, Updated Philadelphia Rental Homes 

Residents enjoy our responsive, fast maintenance policies. We start the tenancy by providing a home that’s clean, maintained, and functional. Our residents move in and immediately make themselves comfortable in a home that’s ready for them on day one. If our tenants notice that anything needs attention while they’re moving in, we make sure to address the problem right away. We want the rental experience to start with clear expectations and a move-in ready property.

When repairs are needed during the tenancy, we make it easy for residents to report the problem. Emergencies are responded to right away because we’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. When tenants call to report a fire or a leaking pipe or an issue that leaves the property vulnerable to further damage, we dispatch our most reliable vendors right away, and we keep our owners up to date on our progress at all times. Tenants appreciate the speed with which we respond and our willingness to prioritize their safety and comfort. 

Reporting routine repair needs is even easier. Our online portal allows tenants to let us know when something isn’t working, and we can document when the repair request was made, how we responded, and what we ultimately did to take care of the issue. This keeps us transparent and accountable, and it also provides peace of mind to our residents because they know they can easily reach out to us when something goes wrong.  

The ongoing updates and improvements we manage help to attract and retain tenants. It’s not just a well-maintained home that good residents want, it’s a modern one. We will take the time to evaluate the market and make some recommendations to owners about what should be upgraded and updated. This might be fresh paint on the walls, hard surface flooring instead of carpet, new energy-efficient appliances, or more attractive landscaping. 

We Make Philadelphia Renting Easy 

Tenants in Philadelphia appreciate convenience and ease. Renting a home should not be a source of stress or frustration. We make things easy by providing: 

  • Easy online rental payments. Tenants simply have to log onto their tenant portal from a computer, tablet or phone, and they can pay rent from any place and at any time. Our payment system allows residents to schedule payments in advance, store credit card or bank information, and set up automatic and recurring payments. This cuts down on late rent, late fees, and the hassle of chasing down overdue payments. 
  • Ongoing education and information. We let tenants know how to operate the basic functions of their home. Before the move-in, we go over the lease agreement in detail so everyone understands the expectations and responsibilities of the lease agreement. Residents are instructed on how to use the thermostat, where to find the circuit box, and how to turn off the water main in the event of an emergency. 
  • Inclusive pet policies. A large majority of tenants in Philadelphia have at least one pet. We understand how important it is to move in with a furry family member, and we have pet screening and pet policies in place that protect the property and the ability of tenants to take care of their cats and dogs. 

Our team is easy to work with. We’re responsive and willing to partner with residents to ensure that they have everything they need for a pleasant rental experience. 

If you’re a tenant looking for your next rental home, talk to us about what you’re looking for, which Philadelphia neighborhood interests you the most, and what you can afford to spend. If you’re a rental property owner looking for professional Philadelphia property management, talk to us about the importance of positive tenant relationships when it comes to effectively leasing and managing your investment property. Contact us at TCS Management. 

TCS Management is a full-service property management company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also serving Cherry Hill, NJ, Wilmington, Delaware, Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. We focus on single-family and multifamily residential property management of homes, condos, townhomes, and apartment buildings.

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