TCS investment services offer unique acquisition opportunities in our markets, specifically within the asset classes we manage. We capitalize on the gap between individual investors who are geographically constrained and those who lack the resources to source properties off-market. With a solid database of off-market performing properties and strategic referral partners who share their assets with us, we are well-positioned to assist any size investor looking to expand their influence.

TCS Investment Group and TCS Management have partnered to form TCS Homes for the acquisition, renovation, leasing, management, and disposition of affordable single-family residential rental homes in various submarkets of Philadelphia.

TCS Homes

TCS Homes buys, renovates, leases, stabilizes, and manages affordable single-family residential rental homes in the Greater Philadelphia Area and select other markets.

With nearly a century of combined real estate experience and a primary investment focus always on the preservation of capital and the achievement of high risk-adjusted returns, we continually expect to outperform our competitors. Our lenders and investors enjoy timely institutional-quality modeling, forecasting, and reporting, and unfettered communication at all times.

TCS Homes Exclusive Investments

Unique real estate opportunities in our markets often passed over by more traditional investors.