TCS Management provides unique investment opportunities, specializing in single-family residential rentals. We represent hundreds of individual investors seeking to acquire well-placed, stabilized, turn-key real estate investments. With a robust portfolio of managed properties across multiple states, we assist both new and seasoned investors with the acquisition and disposition process. TCS Management consistently offers investment opportunities for sale. Our high-performing rental properties are well-positioned to attract investors of any size looking to expand their influence.

We understand the Importance of doing due diligence with respect to real estate investing.

Maintenance Reports

• Detailed history of property maintenance
• Records of repairs and upgrades
• Future maintenance projections

Property Condition Report

• Comprehensive assessment of the property’s current condition
• Inspection results covering structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and other critical aspects

Trailing 12 Financials

• Financial performance of the property over the past 12 months
• Revenue, expenses, net operating income, and cash flow analysis

Current Occupancy Status

• Details on current tenants and lease agreements
• Vacancy rates and occupancy trends
• Potential for rental income

Financial Partners

• Connecting investors with experienced lenders who specialize in Single-Family Rental properties

Title Insurance partners

• Assurance of clear property title
• Coverage details to protect against title defects or legal challenges

Property and Casualty Insurance programs

• Overview of existing insurance coverages
• Policy details including coverage limits, premiums, and deductibles

TCS Lending Solutions

Looking for lending solutions specialist to start or expand your real estate portfolio?