Snow Removal

Winter snow removal and winterization services

It is only a matter of time before the snow hits.

SIGN UP: If you would like TCS Management to provide snow removal services, please provide the information requested below. Make sure to specify each property individually. The responsibility is on the property owner to place and/or remove a property from the snow removal list. TCS employees will not make any adjustments without written (emailed) consent. All changes will need a minimum of 72 Hours to be processed.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE: Please remember, the property owner is responsible for snow removal for all multi-family dwellings and/or vacant properties. If your property is vacant, the $350 reserve is required to be held on your account for services to be rendered. For single family dwellings, the tenants are held responsible for snow removal. TCS management will send out tenant reminders.

TCS follows Philadelphia Code 10-720 – when addressing the snow fall. TCS closely follows the weather and tracks the storm. We make every effort to err on the side of safety when making judgement calls as to when to dispatch the crew. When you sign up , you are authorizing TCS to make a judgment call on your behalf.

HOW MUCH: For an average Philadelphia row home, snow removal is around $60 per visit, but may vary depending on various factions such as accumulation, lot size, drive way, corner unit, and locations.

If you have questions or if your property is larger than the average Philadelphia row home, if you have a parking lot, a corner property, land used for commercial purposes or you have any other questions related to snow removal, please email with your property address and we will provide you with a quote for services beyond the standard and/or answer any questions you may have.


For vacant properties during the months of October – April, TCS advises you have your property properly winterized. The winterization process includes but is not limited to: draining the pipes and shutting off the main water source, placing small amounts of anti-freeze in the toilets, making sure the doors and windows are properly secured preventing cold air from getting in. This will significantly reduce risk of freezing/bursting pipes. This is a onetime service with a onetime fee, $350.


In the event that an injury occurs due to inclement weather or frozen conditions at a property, TCS Management LLC does not assume any liability. Shoveling and salting of the premises is done as quickly as possible and when conditions call for such activity.

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